Our core philosophy is to help students learn how to learn
The role of our tutors is to act as a mentor, an approachable resource with a tool box of information and insight, empowering students to achieve their own ongoing success. We believe each student can be successful with the right amount of support and encouragement.

We emphasize problem solving, not memorizing
Our approach is to develop active learners by demonstrating a new concept and teaching the process behind the outcome. The goal is not simply to help students memorize equations and pass their tests; it is to help build a foundation for future math concepts and systematic thinking. 

 Our work continues outside of the classroom
In between lessons, our tutors are actively working to identify resources for each students' individual needs, distilling through the multitude of information online and parsing out the important information before passing it along. Additionally, each student has access to their tutor by text, email, or phone every day to answer questions and send resources.

And it works!
We are passionate about helping students achieve success. Our students consistently report increased confidence, praise from teachers, and improved grades after only a few lessons. 

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