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By Michelle Kaiser 24 Apr, 2016

There are a lot of parents nowadays that are looking for ways to help their children improve their academic performances. Tutors can help children boost their self-confidence, academic grades, and performances and will learn to trust another person.

Hiring private tutoring centers near you can give your child a lot of advantages. Experienced tutors can introduce personalized methods of teaching and explain difficult lessons to your child better compared in a school where teachers focus on a lot of students. One-on-one tutoring is a priceless experience for children who want to learn more.

When looking for a tutoring centre near you, here are 10 factors that you should consider before hiring one.

1.    Qualification: Hiring a qualified tutor will be essential for your child’s overall learning experience. They should have certificates to show you all their qualifications.

2.    Experience: When a tutor is qualified they should also have an experience in teaching or tutoring other children. They should already have a lesson plan ready any time if ever there are clients.

3.    References – Tutoring centers near you should have references to their past students, parents, and even from their university. If possible, ask for their contact information and ask them how good the tutor is.

4.    Encouraging attitude – A tutor should have an energetic, encouraging and positive attitudes so that students will be motivated in learning even in difficult lessons.

5.    Asking for feedbacks – A great tutoring centre near you should always ask for feedback on how they are doing with teaching their child. Feedbacks can come in many different ways; it may be a letter from a lesson plan, an informal chat or a report wherein you can give insights for your child.

6.    Within reach – When looking for tutoring centers near you, you should consider the distance between your house and the tutor’s. Whether they’re going to conduct their lessons in your home or theirs, you should make sure that you have discussed it with them clearly.

7.    Flexible – It’s important that you hire a tutor that can adjust to you and your child’s schedule. Even if there are emergencies, they should be able to adjust themselves so that they can accommodate your needs.

8.    Affordable – You should consider your budget first on how much you are willing to pay for a tutor. Some tutors can have very high prices, and some are just in average range, it will all depend on the experience of the tutor.

9.    Punctual – A tutor should be punctual in arriving at your chosen place of tutoring they should start their lessons one time and finish it at your discussed time.

By Michelle Kaiser 24 Apr, 2016

As a parent, you want to see your children shine in everything they do; this includes their school work. Some kids are wonderful at motivating themselves and others while others just need a little push to get up to where they should be. When it comes to building up their math and reading skills, there is no harm in getting them an extra bit of help to see them succeed with math and reading tutoring.


Signs That a Tutor is Needed


You should be able to tell fairly quickly if your child is in need of math and reading tutoring or some help from their grades alone. Always take a look at their grades and see if any has declined from the previous marking period. This will allow you to open up the lines of communication with your child to see what the issue may be.


Beyond the sign of dropping grades, you want to watch out for a lack of excitement with math and reading. Elementary school age kids typically love to learn new subject areas; this includes math and reading. When you see this excitement begin to drop away, it may be a sign that they are not enjoying it as much because they are having a hard time understanding it.


A loss in the interest in either subject can signal that they need math and reading tutoring. Tutoring is great for all types of academic levels of children, not just those that need serious help. To keep your kids interested in the subjects, if they are having, just a little bit of difficultly this can help them stay on track with their peers. Catching issues ahead of time can ensure they don’t get too far behind.


Getting a Tutor


When you decide with math and reading tutoring for your child, you will want to find someone that has been properly trained. They can provide age appropriate lessons and educational assistances in both subjects of math and reading. You want a tutor you will help you by being a partner in the education of your children.


You will want to sit down with the tutor in advance and discuss any goals you feel your child should strive for. The gratification of reaching a goal will help them be even more excited about learning once again. Offering small prizes for reaching goals can help them keep their enthusiasm or even bring it back if they previously lost it.




Getting the help from math and reading tutoring when your child needs help is a wonderful thing to do. This can help them regain their excitement for school and understanding of any concepts they have been struggling with previously. Additionally, you can help keep them on track with their peers before they start to fall behind.

By Michelle Kaiser 25 Mar, 2016

Tutoring has long been accepted as one of the best ways to supplement school education. It is going to be helpful for a variety of instances such as when preparing for a major exam, such as an entrance test for college. It can also be effective to improve grades and to provide children with enhanced learning apart from what they get from their school. All of these benefits, however, will only be realized if you end up making the right choice. Therefore, if you are looking for tutoring centers near me, keep on reading and learn some of the things that you should do to make a well-informed choice.


Consider the Costs

One of the first things that you should do when looking for tutoring centers near me is to check the rates. Make sure that it is within your budget and that the rate will be reasonable, especially given the quality of the tutoring service that can be provided. They can either charge per hour or a fixed rate based on the number of sessions that will be needed. It will also be good if you can ask for rates from at least three tutoring centers and have them compared with each other.


Learn from Other People

With the overwhelming options for tutoring centers near me, one of the things that can be done is to ask around. Insights from students and parents will be helpful in differentiating the options that will confront you. Spend time online to research and read reviews. You can also ask for recommendations from people you personally know. Their experiences will be a good starting point to have an intelligent comparison of your options.


Tutoring Services Offered

In your search for tutoring centers near me, another thing that you should do is to consider the specific services that are offered. First, ask about the subject areas that are covered. Also, ask them about how the tutoring will be conducted. Is it going to be done individually or within a small group? Is the schedule flexible? How long is a session going to last? Will the tutors be willing to be contacted by their students even outside of their lessons? What materials will be used in tutoring? Are the tutors qualified to provide tutoring services?

If you are searching for tutoring centers near me, there is no need to look any further. One of the options that should not be missed is M Power Tutoring. The latter has a team of tutors who are adept in different subjects. They can provide one-on-one or small group tutoring. The best thing is that their tutors can be accessed anytime, such as through phone or email.

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By Michelle Kaiser 17 Mar, 2016
A lot of people are interested to find a tutor near me. The good news is that there are many tutors in different areas. The bad news, however, is that there are also many who are not qualified to provide tutoring services, either because they lack the skills or because they do not have the ability to establish an excellent relationship with their students. With this, if you are interested to find a tutor near me, keep on reading, and we will provide you with insights on some of the things that should be taken into consideration.

Tutoring Approach

One of the first things that you should consider is how the tutoring services will be provided. For more intensive learning needs, it would be best to choose one-on-one tutoring. On the other hand for those who need a livelier and interactive environment, small group lessons will prove to be the perfect choice. In addition, in your quest towards being able to find a tutor near me, make sure as well that the approach will be customized based on individual needs.

Evaluate the Needs

Before looking for a tutor, it is important to first evaluate the needs of the student. For instance, is tutoring services required only as a preparation for an exam or as a long-term service? Will the student be tutored in Match, English, or other subject areas? Is it needed every day or just once a week?

Feedback from Other People

To make it easier to weigh the pros and cons of the options that will confront you, it will be best to consider what other people have to say. The most convenient way of doing this is through checking online reviews from parents or students. Their insights and experiences will allow you to easily evaluate the options that you will be confronted with, and hence, making it a breeze to find a tutor near me.

Post-Tutoring Services

The work of a tutor should not end by the time the lessons are finished. With this, you should find one who can be easily reached even after the lessons. Students must be able to have access to their tutors through different means, such as phone, text, or email. This means that they will easily get in touch when they have concerns or questions.

If you would like to find a tutor near me, there is no more need to look any further. m.power tutoring is surely an option that you will not regret. With a team of competent tutors, it has the ability to provide training that goes beyond the classroom. With the passion to teach and help their students, the outcomes are guaranteed to be favorable!

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By Michelle Kaiser 08 Feb, 2016
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By Michelle Kaiser 08 Feb, 2016
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By Michelle Kaiser 31 Dec, 2015

Busy parents and busy students are often unsure the best ways to navigate the changing school climate. Whether your student is on track, leading the pack, or falling behind, these suggestions can help build success in the next few months. 

  1. Learn . Many parents erroneously assume that their student is having a similar experience in school to what they had 20 or 30 years ago. The truth is that the education environment has changed drastically and it can be tough to keep up! Did you know that most students have a mix of digital (online) AND physical (written) homework to complete for each class? Also, with A/B or block scheduling, assignments of both forms may not be due during the next class period. Most parents are surprised to learn about the complexity of assignments, the variety of schedules, and the heightened expectations that students as young as First Grade are working under! As a parent, you can ask questions of your child, teachers, or administration, to better understand the logistical challenges ahead.
  2. Plan . Once you have all the information, help your child make a plan to organize and stay on top of the different assignments. Most students are required to have a planner and teachers provide guidance on how to use it. But as a parent, you can reinforce the importance of planning and organizing at home! Ensuring your student understands what an assignment is and when it is due, is the first, critical step, to completing it successfully. You can even demonstrate how you plan and organize to be successful in your life!
  3. Research . Students and teachers face a tremendous amount of pressure to cover loads of material in little time. As a result, many teachers present material with the expectation that the student will learn the concepts AT HOME. That means that your child may come home with an assignment that they have not completely covered and may need additional teaching. You can identify resources to have on hand BEFORE your discouraged student comes home; resources like websites, books, or people, who may be able to help teach the material that was not taught to mastery at school. Being proactive with finding useful tools will help before confidence decreases and frustration increases.
  4. Support . Lack of confidence is the biggest barrier to success, more so than lack of knowledge or understanding. Many students are able to teach themselves and figure things out independently once they overcome the self-esteem hurdle. Sometimes the best way to help students is to tell them that you believe they can do it on their own! Words of support and encouragement go a long way to building confident, independent learners. And that is what every parent wants!

By Michelle Kaiser 05 Oct, 2015

Few things are more rewarding than seeing your child succeed at a difficult task. The look of accomplishment and pride is worth all the previous tears of frustration. But what do you do if your student is struggling and you can’t help?

As a parent, I know how hard it is to watch my child have difficulties and to feel powerless to help. And, let’s face it, some times I CAN help but the last thing my daughter wants is to listen to her mother . It is these times that I turn to a tutor or other professional to pick up where my abilities ( or my child’s willingness to listen ) leave off.

My experience has led me to some best practices when searching for a tutor. I have found these to be sound and applicable regardless of the child’s age or the subject.   I hope other parents can feel empowered to quickly seek help as a supplement to their own skills. It is our job to empower our students to be successful by using all the tools at our disposal!

·     Start looking early - The early signs that a student is falling behind include a drop in confidence, an unwillingness to discuss the subject, and anger or frustration when doing homework. This is the time to find a tutor, instead of waiting for the bad grades start to roll in.

·     Establish trust and communication - When interviewing potential tutors, look for more than just credentials. An ideal tutor is someone who can communicate openly with both parent and student. Maximum success hinges on a trusting relationship where a student can be open to learning and feedback.

·     Expect personalized services - A high quality tutor will offer lesson plans and resources that are customized to your child’s needs. Many places use cookie-cutter lessons, but when seeking a tutor, you need someone who can evaluate weaknesses and focus attention on those spots. This will get you the best service for your investment.

·     Look for a coach, not a homework babysitter - A basketball coach can help your child practice new skills, but he doesn’t play in the game. Likewise, a great tutor will help your child practice new concepts and skills, but will not do the homework or assignments with your child. Look for a tutor who expects your student to do the work on his own, at home, without someone there to correct mistakes.

·     Build confidence by emphasizing the positive – Tutoring is not a punishment and threats, guilt, or coercion are not a positive way to earn a child’s buy-in. By default, a student who is struggling already feels a lack of confidence, and additional stress or pressure from a parent can add to those feelings of failure. Instead, draw analogies from personal experience. We all have had times when we needed outside help for something we couldn’t do ourselves. Let your student know that he hasn’t failed, he is just human like the rest of us!

By Michelle Kaiser 30 Sep, 2015
Grades are beginning to roll in here in Jacksonville FL and many parents are finding themselves in need of a local math tutor. With so many options out there, how do you know which math tutor in Jacksonville is right for you?  Below is an outline of several local tutor choices so that your student can get the help he needs!

  • School-Based Tutoring - the first stop when looking for a local tutor for many parents is their child's teacher and many teachers offer after school help options for students who are struggling.  Check with your child's teacher, office administrator, or guidance counselor to see if there are after-school options like help rooms or in-house tutors.
  • Brick-and-Mortar Tutoring Facility - these are the businesses you see on billboards and in shopping plazas.  They operate with a larger client base and are able to accommodate many students with many different needs.  However, due to franchise fees and overhead costs, these facilities may not attract the "best" tutors to help students. And many facilities cater to a "one-size-fits-most" approach that limits customizing and personalization.
  • Private or Individual Tutoring - this option, though cost prohibitive to some, offers the most flexible and personalized approach for students and parents. However, many parents worry about the qualifications and experience of individual tutors or find the cost to be a major roadblock. 
To find the best fit, I suggest parents research all the local tutoring in Jacksonville FL to see what best meets their needs. In fact, some parents may find a combination of these options, small group lessons, or online tutoring to be the right answer.  So, if your student is having trouble, don't despair.  There are several effective ways to get tutoring help in Jacksonville FL!
By Michelle Kaiser 12 Sep, 2015
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