Words From Happy Students and Parents

"She scored a 5 on her Algebra EOC!"

Allison was thrilled to open her results today and see she scored a 5 on her Algebra EOC! So unexpected and she couldn't have done it without you and Melissa!! Thanks so much for all your help! I'm sure we will be setting up sessions for geometry soon! I just wanted to share her good news and say THANK YOU!! 
Amy, Parent of Algebra I Student, St Johns, FL

"I wish we had not waited so long!"

Melissa is easy to work with and has an amazing grasp of the material. The one-on-one sessions are exactly what my son needs, I just wish we had not waited so long! Melissa has been great and patient with our 7th grader taking Algebra I, we have already seen an improvement! Her flexible schedule is so easy to work with!
Debbie, Parent of Algebra I Student, Jacksonville, FL

"90 on her Geometry quiz!"

Thank you for these updates. I wanted to let you know Heidi made a 90 on her Geometry quiz the other day and she was so proud of herself. Thank you for the work you are doing with her.
Andrea, Parent of Geometry Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Taken on the confidence in math that was hiding within her!"

I would like to take this time to say THANK YOU for all the help and support you provided my daughter during her Math tutoring sessions with you.  She has taken on the confidence in MATH that was hiding within her and is doing very well in Math.  Thank you for everything and we really enjoyed working with you!
 Keisha, Parent of Elementary Student, Orange Park, FL

"Confident and proud!"

Mandy came home raving about geometry today! She was able to answer her teacher's questions during discussion today in class. She came home confidant and proud!
 Tammy, Parent of Geometry Student, St Johns, FL

"Awesome tutor!"

Awesome tutor! We have tried several tutors in the past year and we are so excited to have finally found someone that my son can learn so much from. He has had so much success since he began working with Michelle. She has been fabulous to work with and so great when it comes to scheduling!
Ali, Parent of Geometry Student, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"Highly recommend!!!"

Katie was AWESOME! She was on time, prepared, and very helpful to my daughter. She is obviously passionate about helping others! Very detailed summary after the lesson. Highly recommend!!! 
Alan, Parent of Algebra II Student, Jacksonville, FL

"You are the best tutoring service!"

Thanks Michelle for recommending Anna as Ram's tutor. You are the best tutoring service. Anna was awesome. Ram loves working with her. She is dedicated and cares about Ram. I saw a lot of difference in Ram academics mainly reading. If we aren't moving I would definitely continue with you. 
Harika, Parent of Reading Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Thank you both very much!"

I just wanted to let you both know they just posted Taylor's report card and semester exams results. I'm pleased to let know you she got an A on the Algebra semester exam and B in Chemistry exam. She also just found out she got an 85% on her Chemistry quiz she took earlier this week. This is very promising considering she was almost failing earlier in the school year. I want to thank you both very much! 
Tricia, Parent of Algebra II and Chemistry Student, St Johns, FL

"Absolutely amazing, caring and patient!"

OMG Kristine is absolutely amazing, caring and patient! My daughter is actually understanding math! Thank you so much!  I am so extremely happy with M power tutoring! My daughter was convinced she would never understand math, we tried everything...sylvan, kumon, etc...no help! M power connected her to the perfect tutor! Kristine is amazing and for the first time, my daughter doesn't mind math.! After her first session, my daughter said "mom, I actually understood the whole lesson"!!! Music to my ears !!!!!!! 
Jeannette, Parent of FLVS Algebra Student, St Johns, FL

"Our daughter has gone from a C student to an A student!"

Katie is doing such a remarkable job in helping our daughter with her math struggles, that she has gone from a C student to an A student!   We would not have known what to do if Katie was not there to guide her, provide valuable post tutoring information.  We can't say enough about m tutoring !! 
Alicia, Parent of 6th Grade Math Student, Orange Park, FL

"We could not have asked for a better tutor!"

She was complimentary with my kids and she made it fun for them! [My son] didn't even know his session was a full hour this time. She is so good with him. Maggie is already looking forward to her next session! She's having fun while she's learning. We could not have asked for a better tutor!
 Stephanie, Parent of First & Third Grade Students, Jacksonville Beach, FL

"Reading improvement in only two sessions"

It's so exciting to see such a major improvement in my daughter's reading even just after two sessions. 
 LauraParent of Third Grader, Jacksonville, FL

"Finally got thru Geometry"

Katie is a wonderful tutor. She tailors the sessions for my son. She was able finally get him through Geometry in FLVS!! Which was no small feat. We will continue to use her in the future. Thanks.
 Mike, Parent of Geometry Student, Orange Park, FL

"Michelle was fantastic!"

Michelle was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable on the subject, patient and a great teacher. She helped my daughter and we would definitely use her again. We have already referred her to some friends.
Katie, Parent of Geometry, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"Boosting my daughter's confidence!"

My daughter's Algebra 2 tutor is amazing! She is boosting my daughter's confidence, is very thorough and thinks of creative ways to help her remember things. She takes a true interest in helping her students understand the material. She even comes up with additional problems for her students to work to reinforce the lessons. She makes herself available to contact with questions at no extra charge and also gives detailed reports of every session. She is the answer to our prayers!  
Cecy, Parent of Algebra II, Jacksonville, FL

"She translated math in a way my daughter could understand"

Katyana is amazing! She will go over anything I don't understand. She also listens to why my daughter doesn’t understand and explains how to fix it. She was very nice and was able to translate math in a way that my daughter could understand.
Circe, Parent of Algebra Student, Jacksonville, FL

"I cannot tell you how much M.Power has helped"

I reached out to M. Power to get some help for my daughter. I cannot tell you how much M. Power has helped Haley. She is doing much better in Algebra 2. Thanks M.Power!  
Matt, Parent of Algebra II Student , Jacksonville, FL

"100% on his math test"

My sons tutor, Katie, teaching style was perfect for my son. He was so well pleased. He made a 100% on his math test after their tutoring session. I would definitely recommend! 
Rita, Parent of Algebra Student, Orange Park, FL

"So grateful!"

Kristen is fabulous and I don't know what we would do without her. My daughter has made such a huge improvement in such a short period of time. So grateful!
Leslie, Parent of Algebra Student, Green Cove Springs, FL

"An Amazing Job"

Michelle has been tutoring my daughter Lauren for the last couple of weeks and she has done an amazing job.  Not only has Lauren's confidence increased, she is doing much better in her math class.  Michelle is always available when Lauren needs her whether it is during her tutoring session, via text or Skype.  Michelle's passion for helping students understand different math concepts and helping build their confidence, definitely shines through.  We are very happy with the services we have received from M.Power.  Thank you for doing such a great job.  
Sheila, Parent of Algebra Student, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"Worth every dollar"

Michelle is worth every dollar she earns. She is patient, explains everything and gives tips on test taking. My daughter absolutely loves her. Thanks, Michelle!!
David, Parent of Geometry Student, Saint Johns, FL

"The stress level in our household has disappeared!"

Thank You M.Power Tutoring!  My daughter, a junior in high school, struggled desperately with her algebra last year, ending the year with a D.   This year,  we went to M.Power Tutoring and their focused and patient support and guidance has transformed her work.  She has carried an 'A' or 'B' average all year.    She approaches each new chapter now with a sense of confidence  that she never had before.   When she starts to struggle now with new material, she knows she can contact her tutor and get help any time.   This has greatly reduced her anxiety and the stress level in our household over homework and grades has disappeared!     

Jen, Parent ofAlgebra II Student, Jacksonville, FL

"A blessing to our son"

First, we thank God because without him we would not have found the help from M.Power and our tutor Kristine Uno. She has been a blessing to our Son who saw a tremendous improvement on his Algebra grades in just 2 sessions. We will resume our sessions with Kristine after the spring break to keep him on the right track. Thanks M.Power and Kristine!!!!
Luis, Parent of Algebra Student, Jacksonville, FL

"He's starting to actually like math!"

I just wanted to let you know that Ashley is just the best I think she's the perfect tutor for Chris!!! I honestly think he's starting to actually like math & we are seeing improvement. 
Patricia, Parent of Algebra Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Confidence and attitude has improved 100%!"

Kaitlyn loves working with Chrissy. Kaitlyn's confidence and attitude has improved 100%. Thank you for your time. It's greatly appreciated! 
Susan, Parent of Chemistry Student, Jacksonville, FL

"A Rock Star in Class"

Katyana honed in on exactly what my daughter's needs are. Thanks for helping Savannah. Her school's principal was in her class today and told me she was a rock star in class, helping other students with multiplying function.
 Circe, Parent of Algebra Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Dedication and Professionalism"

 I have never been a strong math student and that fact has held me back from attaining my college degree. With her help not only did I complete my College Algebra class I received the best grade I have ever received in a Math course. I will be utilizing her services later this year for my other math course and finally attain my Bachelor's Degree! Thank you for your dedication and professionalism! 
 Kristina, College Algebra Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Feeling confident with her work"

Very pleased with Chrissy and with just two visits my daughter is feeling confident with her work.
 Jennifer, Parent of Algebra I Student, St Johns, FL

"Look forward to working with her again"

Katie was great with Dillon, we look forward to working with her again in the future
 Kimberly, Parent of Reading Student, Orange Park, FL

"My daughter got her first B!"

Thanks to Katie, my daughter just scored her first B on an algebra 2 test!
Cecy, Parent of Algebra 2 Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Improved Test and Quiz Scores"

I'm a college student and I was failing College Algebra until I started tutoring from Michelle. My grades went from D's to high B's and A's within 2 weeks of receiving help.
Kelsey, College Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Katie is terrific!"

Katie is open to providing the most invaluable information to our daughter to better herself in math problems as well as all her subjects. She is terrific! Katie is a wonderful tutor who is also a teacher which helps because she knows where Ava can improve, such as showing her on how she solved the problems. 
Alicia, Parent of Middle School Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Very happy and confident"

Just the first session, but I am very happy and confident so far that this will help my daughter tremendously.
Leslie, Parent of Algebra Student, Green Cove Springs, FL

"Awesome to see things click!"

Chrissy is great. She really connects with Q. It's pretty awesome to see things click.
Vanessa, Parent of Middle School Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Great Job!"

Michelle always does a great job. I am able to understand concepts and I am progressing quickly with her help!
Anne-Claire, Algebra Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Extremely Helpful - Helps My Daughter Tremendously!"

The one hour sessions teach Allison more than a week in class. Michelle is so patient and really takes the time to be sure Allison understands the material. Thank you for being so flexible with our schedule. You have been such a great resource for Allison! Greatly appreciated! 
Amy, Parent of Algebra I Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Very knowledgable and professional!"

Very knowledgable and professional! Truly cares about her students. Michelle is very dedicated and attentive to my daughter's needs. She does a great job explaining and answering questions. Very patient. 
David, Parent of Geometry  Student, Jacksonville, FL

"My daughter feels more confident"

Mary Ann has helped my daughter to feel more confidence in herself with math and her abilities to be able to do it on her own! We are extremely happy we have her as my daughters tutor!!
Cherise, Parent of Fourth Grade Student, Ponte Vedra, FL

"Nila did a great job!"

Nila did a great job! My daughter is already feeling more confident!
Scottie, Parent of Seventh Grade Student, Ponte Vedra, FL

"My confidence is higher"

Michelle shows me step by step how to do the work (Algebra) and it helps me understand what I am doing. My confidence is higher now.
Bea, High School Algebra Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Very helpful and understanding"

Michelle was very helpful and encouraging and had a good grasp on what we needed to accomplish for our unique situation. She was able to establish a plan for us to accomplish our goal.
Scottie, Parent of High School Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Great tutor"

Anna was a great tutor. My son really enjoyed working with her, she made the lesson easy to understand. 
Leticia, Parent of 4th Grader, Jacksonville, FL


We only met for an hour but, I felt confident the tutor was fully aware of the material and could help me tremendously.
Angel, Adult Test Student, Jacksonville, FL


Michelle was not the first tutor we had tried but she will be our go to for help in the future.  Great mix of professional and personal and very calm and patient.  She helped my son understand pre cal and I wish we had found her much sooner.  Her offer to help via text is one of the best things as sometimes a little help is needed outside of the one on one time.
Pamela, Parent of PreCalculus Student, Jacksonville, FL

"A clear plan" 

We had our first meeting last week. She has come up with a clear plan to help my son be successful. Looking forward to continuing to work with her.
Irv, Parent of Algebra Student, St. Augustine, FL

"A great tutor!"

Michelle is in the midst of teaching me Microsoft excel and then on to power point.  She is pushing me and yet not to the point of overwhelming me.  She explains things very clearly and we have no problems communicating.  I would recommend Michelle highly to any one of any age.
 — Debbie, Adult Computer Student, Jacksonville, FL

"Extremely helpful!" 

Michelle has a knack for teaching and helping.  She was very engaging and very thorough in helping explain things and rather than just doing things for you and leaving you with results you don't know how to explain, she does the work out with you, explaining what needs to be done, why it needs to be done and what the best ways are for doing it. Michelle taught me things in our few sessions that the teacher hasn't been able to explain properly the whole entire semester.  She is very passionate about what she does.
Luke, College Computer Student, Jacksonville Beach, FL

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