Do you know about the Algebra 1 EOC?

Do you know about the Algebra 1 EOC?

Did you know that your student will be required to take the Algebra End of Course Assessment (“EOC”) prior to graduation? And most likely, they will be required to PASS the EOC in order to graduate! It does not matter how well your student performed in the class or their overall GPA, this EOC can be a determining factor in their academic career!

What is the Algebra I EOC?

The EOC is a comprehensive exam designed to test your student’s knowledge and understanding of Algebra I.  This exam is typically administered at your student’s school during a testing period determined by the school district.

My student did not pass the EOC! Now what??

Your student can actually retake the EOC! Depending on what grade your student is in, your student may be able to choose when they want to retake the EOC.

Is passing the EOC our only option? We have college testing coming up!

Great, there may be another option for your student!

If your student can obtain the below score, then the Algebra EOC requirement may be waived!

PSAT/NMSQT Math          430

SAT Math                              420

ACT Math                              16

*Students who entered grade 9 prior to 2018-19, may also satisfy this requirement by obtaining a 97 on the PERT Math portion.


Whether your student has failed the EOC, is gearing up for their first administration of the exam, or is preparing for college testing, a qualified tutor can be essential to your student’s success! M. Power has a dedicated team of tutors who specialize in preparing students for difficult exams such as the Algebra 1 EOC, SAT and ACT. Do not wait till testing season to catch up your student!  


Please note, Algebra 1 is not the only EOC exam administered in the state of Florida. In fact, it is likely that your student will be required to take numerous EOC exams during their time in school.  The below link references the most up to date EOC requirements for Graduation.