After working as an engineer for ten years, I decided to take some time off when I was pregnant with my youngest child. 

When he was about six months old, I was eager to get back to work, but not to a full time job. I was looking for a way to use my degree that would be fulfilling but still allow me the flexibility to be at home with my three kids.  I began tutoring in the evenings and on the weekends.  I soon found that I loved helping others find math as exciting as I did!  Particularly, empowering young women to find a love of math and science.  That is where the business name came from.

Before too long, I began recruiting friends and neighbors, many young mothers like me, to join my team.  I didn't set out with the idea of building a business, but I quickly found that there were others like me who wanted the flexibility and fulfillment that tutoring allowed.  I began to grow the team and build the brand as a group of professional, caring educators.

Today, I am proud and humbled by what we have accomplished in our first few years.  We have helped hundreds of students achieve academic success and feel MPOWERED in their education!

~Michelle Kaiser - Founder & President of M.Power Tutoring